Selected Publications

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Ghost Lore; Little Patuxent Review, Winter 2019 Issue

The Art of Imagination; ARTpublika

The Queen’s Review: “Out of Step” by Anthony Moll; Queen Mob’s Tea House

Review: When I Return To You, I Will Be Unfed by Christopher Bowen; JMWW

Writers Among Us: celeste doaks; BmoreArt

Review: Amanda by Amanda McCormick; JMWW

Authors Among Us: Jen Michalski Starts Here!; BmoreArt

Text Message Memoir; BmoreArt

Book of the Day: The Argonauts; The Ivy Bookshop Blog

The Artist Bookshelf: Embedded Arts; BmoreArt

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2016 MICA Grad Show Exhibitions; What Weekly

A Finger on My Pulse; Baltimore Fishbowl

The Secret Writings of Sigmund Freud; Baltimore Fishbowl